We provide services for small business owners and self-employed individuals including cash flow management, qualified retirement plans, and succession and estate planning.

Succession Planning

We can help you plan to make sure your business continues once you step aside, help you provide an income for your retirement, as well as your spouse's, and help you minimize the tax liability on the transfer.

Retirement Plans

As an independent company, our team of professionals may analyze your situation and help you design and select the retirement plan for your company. We can help you set up and administer qualified retirement plans, such as SIMPLE and SEP IRA plans, as well as 401(k) and profit sharing plans. Once the plan is set up, we can help you plan for appropriate investment alternatives for the plan.

A well-designed company retirement plan may help you reduce costs, provide contribution flexibility, provide more accumulation opportunities for both you and your employees, and allow you to provide different levels of benefits to segregated classes of employees.

Our retirement plan professionals can also help you manage the fiduciary risks associated with your company retirement plan, and provide employee education and communication through one-on-one meeting and group educational workshops.